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Construction Claims / Equitable Adjustment & Delay Disruption

Riverside Construction Bids and Equitable Adjustments Lawyers

Orange County - San Mateo County - California

After a project has been awarded and a construction contract entered into between an owner and a prime contractor, whether it is a public agency or private owner, changes to the scope of work can result in material discrepancies. These discrepancies can impact the as-planned schedule for construction of the project. Such changes to the scope of the project typically result in cost increases—some of which can be very significant—for the prime contractor, its subcontractors, and the owner. A Riverside equitable adjustment attorney from Weule & Ballard, APC can expertly handle any construction disputes, including delay or change in scope of work.

Often the owner recognizes the changes and issues a contract change order, but a dispute over the cost of the change may ensue. In some instances the owner will fail to recognize that the change in scope dictates extra work and does not issue a contract change order to pay for the extra work. These changes are sometimes caused by defective design issues giving rise to warranty issues pertaining to the project plans and specifications. Often these issues do not come to light until after construction of the project has started. Under either scenario, Weule & Ballard, APC has significant understanding in the litigation of complex construction claims pertaining to the increased costs associated with the issuance or non-issuance of contract change orders caused by:

Differing site conditions with an emphasis on sub-surface differing site conditions claims

Material and/or cardinal changes to the as-planned scope of work

Delay, disruption, and acceleration to the as-planned construction schedule

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