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Mechanic's Liens & Stop Notices

Carlsbad California Mechanic's Liens Lawyers

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You expect to be paid for the amount of work that you put into a construction project. However, especially in today's volatile economic climate, many companies are not receiving the money they are due. Stop notices and mechanics liens are ways to secure interest in the construction property and preserve your right to payment.

The California construction lawyers at Weule & Ballard, APC, focus on representing businesses and individuals in the construction industry. They have extensive experience obtaining and enforcing mechanics liens and stop notices for subcontractors. Contact Weule & Ballard, APC, to schedule an appointment about mechanic's liens, stop notices or any other construction law issue you face.

Stop Notices in California Public Works Projects

A stop notice gives the owner of a public work's construction project notice that you have not received payment. The owner will withhold money from the general contractor to ensure that you receive your fair share. Contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers can file stop notices with the government agency or owner.

In public works projects, the prime (general) contractor must post a payment bond, guaranteeing that the subcontractors and material suppliers will be paid. Subcontractors and material suppliers may make a claim on the payment bond when they have not received payment for their work and materials.

Mechanic's Liens in California Private Works Projects

Contractors involved in private works projects can file mechanic's liens and/or bonded stop notices against an owner and/or lender. A mechanic's lien is a constitutional remedy that allows prime contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers to foreclose on property when they have not been paid for their work. In order to be able to file a mechanic's lien, and if you are either a subcontractor or a material supplier, you need to file a preliminary notice with the owner at the start of the project to give the owner notice that you are working on the project. Without notice, a mechanic's lien is virtually impossible to enforce.

Enforcing Mechanic's Liens

Once the mechanic's lien is filed (a simple process), the filing party has a limited time to file an action to foreclose on the property, which would be best if handled by legal counsel.

Weule & Ballard, APC, provides high-quality legal representation to contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers who need to bring a breach of contract lawsuit or foreclose on a mechanic's lien in the judicial foreclosure process. They will help you file a lawsuit, defend your interests in court and secure payment for your work.

Experienced, Professional Construction Attorneys

When you want professional representation from construction attorneys who understand your difficulties first-hand, contact Weule & Ballard, APC. Attorney Edward R. Ballard was a construction engineer for 12 years. Since then, he has focused his career on providing knowledgeable legal help to individuals and companies in the construction industry. Together with experienced construction law attorneys Colleen Weule and Natalia Smith, he understands what contractors need to do to get funding and what types of hurdles they run into in the construction industry.

For more information about mechanic's liens, stop notices and claims on payment bonds, click here, or contact Weule & Ballard, APC, by phone or e-mail.

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