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Public Works Contracts

California Public Work Contract Disputes Attorney

The law firm of Weule & Ballard, APC, offers professional legal representation to prime contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in the public works construction law arena. The firm has decades of experience litigating government contract issues against city agencies, county agencies, state agencies, water agencies and school districts before Dispute Review Boards, Administrative Law Panels, the State of California Office of Administrative Hearings, JAMS, American Arbitration Association, State of California Superior Courts and United States District Courts.

Representing Construction Clients Against State and County and Local Municipal Agencies

The California public work attorneys at Weule & Ballard, APC, have extensive experience representing clients against the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in disputes arising on Caltrans' construction projects.

In addition, the law firm represents clients against federal agencies before the United States Court of Federal Claims in construction contract dispute litigation that arises on United States federal construction projects federal construction law.

Government Construction Contract Disputes

The firm represents clients before local municipalities, state agencies and federal agencies on all government construction contract disputes and issues, including the following:

  • Bid protests and contract award disputes that arise from competitive bidding
  • Contractor relief from bidding error disputes
  • Subcontractor listing law disputes, including administrative hearings for de-listing and listing of subcontractors
  • Contract change order disputes and changes in the character of work disputes
  • Disputes involving material changes and/or cardinal changes to the as-planned scope of work
  • Disputes involving the as-planned construction schedule, including delay, disruption and acceleration disputes
  • Wrongful termination disputes arising from the termination by the owner/agency of the prime contractor and/or listed subcontractor
  • Stop notice filings with the owner/agency and the litigation to enforce stop notices
  • Payment bond and performance bond claims and litigation to enforce bond claims
  • Sub-surface differing site condition disputes
  • Subcontract disputes between the prime contractor and subcontractor
  • Federal government contract disputes
  • Miller Act bond claims

Knowledgeable California Construction Attorneys

The law firm’s reputable lawyers include Edward R. Ballard, Esq., who holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of the Pacific, School of Engineering. His prior career as a construction engineer and design engineer with Caltrans’ Division of Structures and as a Deputy Attorney with the Caltrans Legal Division enables Weule & Ballard, APC, to provide its clients with an in-depth knowledge of construction and design issues and construction contract law not commonly offered at other firms. Attorney Ballard has been involved with all aspects of construction law and his professional education and experience emphasizes his commitment to the construction industry.

Contact Weule & Ballard, APC

For in-depth legal representation in public works contract disputes, contact the Carlsbad and Sacramento, California, law offices of Weule & Ballard, APC, at 800-441-9809 or by e-mail.

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