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Real Estate Litigation

California Real Estate Dispute Attorneys

Residential and Commercial Property and Leasing Disputes

Whether you are a construction company purchasing land for future construction, a landowner entangled in an easement dispute or a buyer facing an undisclosed problem with your home, you want an experienced lawyer who will offer high-quality legal services and dedicated representation.

The Carlsbad, California, real estate litigation attorneys at Weule & Ballard, APC, represent clients from northern and southern California in their real estate disputes. Contact Weule & Ballard, APC, to discuss how they can help you protect your property and your rights during real estate litigation.

Property Rights Disputes

Your property is important to you. It is unique and no amount of money can replace it. Weule & Ballard, APC, defends clients' property rights during real estate litigation involving issues such as:

  • Boundary line disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Adverse possession matters
  • Quiet title actions
  • Eminent domain actions

Sales and Leasing Transaction Disputes

The firm represents clients in sales transaction disputes and disputes between landlords and tenants, including:

  • Commercial and residential unlawful detainer actions
  • Real estate broker disputes
  • Non-disclosure suits

Non-disclosure Suits / Broker Disputes

Sellers are supposed to disclose known problems with the real estate they are selling. If you bought a house and have since found problems that were not disclosed, the experienced real estate attorneys at Weule & Ballard, APC, can bring a non-disclosure lawsuit on your behalf. You may be able to sue the seller's real estate agent and their broker for damages and/or equitable relief (such as the repair of the discovered condition).

The firm also represents sellers and brokers facing non-disclosure suits for property that they sold.

Contact Weule & Ballard, APC

For high quality legal representation in nondisclosure suits or other real estate litigation, contact the Carlsbad and Sacramento, California, law offices of Weule & Ballard, APC, at 800-441-9809 or by e-mail.

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