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Carlsbad Surety Bonds Lawyer

California Performance and Payment Bond Attorneys

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Weule & Ballard, APC, located in Carlsbad and Sacramento, represents clients seeking redress in surety matters. All public works projects require that the prime contractor obtain both performance and payment bonds to ensure, for the protection of the agency owner and tax payer, that the project will be completed and the sub-contractors and material suppliers will be paid for work and materials incorporated into the project. Such bonding requirements are often written into private construction contracts.

Construction Law - Surety Issues

The lawyers at Weule & Ballard, APC are experienced in surety assessment. From a risk standpoint, when a surety issues a bond to the prime contractor, as the principal on the bond, indemnity of the prime contractor / principal to the surety becomes an issue. Whether it be a Type I, Type II, Type III, or General Indemnity Agreement, Weule & Ballard, APC has the experience and familiarity with the terms, conditions, and defenses pertaining to the agreement.

Federal Government Bonds - Miller Act

In addition to representing owners, prime contractors, and sub-contractors in construction disputes and resulting litigation caused by bid bond disputes, payment, and performance bond claims, Weule & Ballard, APC also represents clients on Miller Act bond claims in federal government construction contracts.

For private works or public works surety consultation, contact a Sacramento or Carlsbad surety bonds attorney at Weule & Ballard, APC.

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