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Unlawful Detainers

California Unlawful Detainer Actions

Carlsbad and Sacramento Real Estate Attorneys

The real estate lawyers at Weule & Ballard, APC, represent landlord and tenant interests in California unlawful detainer lawsuits. An unlawful detainer is a court action that is brought by a property owner to evict a tenant.

Contact Weule & Ballard, APC, for a consultation about your landlord/tenant issues. The firm's attorneys have extensive real estate litigation experience and offer high-quality representation to clients throughout southern and northern California.

Unlawful Detainer Actions to Evict Tenants

If your tenant has illegally retained possession of your property, you may need to act soon to evict him or her. The firm's attorneys represent landlords at the unlawful detainer trial. They pursue evictions and money judgments for owners, including:

  • Back rent owed by the tenant
  • Damage to the property caused by the tenant (over and above normal wear and tear)
  • Other monetary damages

Quick Recovery of Your Property

In California, unlawful detainer lawsuits have preference over other disputes. Once your attorney files the unlawful detainer action in Superior Court, you will get a court date within 20 days of the request to the court to set the case for trial. This may not seem like a short amount of time when you have someone illegally living on your property, yet it is many months or even years shorter than other legal actions.

Unlawful Detainer Defense for Tenants

The real estate attorneys at Weule & Ballard, APC, also defend tenants who face allegations that they are unlawfully possessing property. There are defenses available to tenants, and the firm will explore which ones can be used in your case.

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For in-depth legal representation in residential real estate law, contact Weule & Ballard, APC, at our Carlsbad or Sacramento, California, law offices.

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